Akashic Records Certificate course

What you'll learn

Learn What Akashic Records Are

How To Locate Akashic Records

How To Access The Records For Yourself or Others

How To Read The Akashic Records

Learn Business Considerations To Read Akashic Records Professionally

This course starts out with a foundation for beginners. 

You will learn everything you need to understand the Akashic records. 

Throughout the course you will also learn more about your intuition and how to trust and increase your psychic intuition skills.

Learn To Understand What The Akashic Records Are 

Learn How To Locate Akashic Records

Learn How To Read The Akashic Records For Yourself Or Others

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That’s What You Are Going To Get

Live zoom sessions

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Recordings and life time support

Akashic records are the journey to the soul world of that particular soul (into the soul consciousness). 

Every soul has its own consciousness, its own energy, thus creating its own karmas.

 Akashic records help you to identify the origin of these karmic retributions and the remedy for the same. 

It helps an individual gain an overall perspective of his life, helping him to realize his karmic patterns and release them. 

Doing this takes him closer to his original self, bringing him peace of mind and calmness to his life.

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