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Course Curriculum

✨What you'll learn✨
✅understand what dowsing is and gain an appreciation of the history of dowsing
✅discover the best way of choosing a pendulum,
✅choose from a variety of methods designed to cleanse and clear your pendulum
✅become acquainted with how and why dowsing works and the various pendulums available
✅practice and choose from a variety of ways to charge and energize your pendulum
✅learn how to use your pendulum so you understand the guidance you receive through it
✅increase your accuracy in dowsing sessions through practical and fun experiments and exercises
✅program your pendulum in a way that is in natural alignment with it

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What will you get from the course?

  • You will learn the following concepts in the course :
    What is Dowsing ?
    How does it Work ?
    How to charge your Pendulum ?
    What are various ways to connect with your Pendulum ?
    How to put up Correct question to the Pendulum ?
    How to use different dowsing charts to get answers ?
    Which direction of your house is imbalanced ?
    How to cleanse your space ?
    How to check positive and negative energies along with geopathic stress ?
    When to avoid using a Pendulum ?
    Which is the best direction to place your Pendulum after each dowsing ?
    Tips on how to balance 7 Chakras through Pendulum dowser
    Question and answer session after class
    Never heard before Techniques to increase your INTUTIVE POWER
    Dowsing charts would be provided before the class
    So HURRY !!

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Thank you n grateful to you for the wonderful workshop. Learning in this workshop was awesome to know the Good n bad energy. Health wise, place wise, etc. 🥰



Thank you very much dear for your wonderful work shop.learnt a lot love you always🥰😍


                        House wife

Thank you for this wonderful workshop Mona dear. The comfy level in the class is always so good. And you are always there when we have any doubts. Thank you for covering different things in this course. Gratitude and love to you 🌷