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What is a Sigil?

A sigil is a symbol with a mystical or magical meaning that often represents a particular statement.I this case ‘I am Wealthy’. The reason we transform the intention statement into a symbol is so our subconscious reads it as opposed to our conscious mind.

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Course Curriculum

✨✨What is a Sigil✨✨

✅How to create a sigil

✅How to create a sigil(different ways) and different types of Sigil

✅Meditating exercises

✅Activation of sigil

 ✅Sigil Ritua

l✅How to charge sigil with energy and how to merge sigil with the powers of unconsciousness 

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Thank you and Gratitude ma'am for teaching this wonderful method of SIGIL. Gratitude 🙏


Thank you n grateful to you for the wonderful workshop. Learning in this workshop was awesome to make our own pictorial in the form of sigils. It works on affirmations. 🥰🤗😍♥️🙏🏼


Thank you for this wonderful workshop Dear Mona.  Gratitude and love to you 😊💖💞