Basic Signature Analysis Course

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We'll cover:
1. Basics of Signature - Learn what is graphology, signature analysis, difference between sign and handwriting
2. Different types of Underlines - 1 underline, 2 underline, 3 underline, NO underline and other underlines. We have covered all
3. Direction/Slants - Are you feeling stressed or are you optimistic? Are you emotional or like to be reserved?
4. What particular name in sign says - First Name, Nick Name, Last name, other names which name says what and why.
5. Legible and illegible sign - Open or reserved person?
6. All about size - I write small you write large so what it means
7. Dots and it's types - Most asked question, should we put dot and if so how many? Where?
8. Spacing between names - Find how much close a person is with their family
9. Placements which help us know writer is thinking about past or is future oriented - Already written
10. Pressure used while signing in - Energy, Health levels
11. Finding Speed and it's meaning - Nervous or confident about self
12. Negative traits that must be avoided at all cost - Important Module covers "Suicide Signature" to "Guilty Claws". Pay more attention here

By the end of this course, you will be confidently analyzing any signature in this world!

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What does your Signature say about you?
How important is the role of Signature in multiple facets of life?
Can changing your Signature help you in changing your personality?
There are many such questions that arise when we talk about Signature Analysis.
Are you intrigued to look for the answers?
If yes, this is the perfect time.
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